Oil, Petrochemical, Mining

Oil, Petrochemical, Mining

In the Oil Sector we carry out Construction, Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair for Storage (Hydrocarbons and Fuels) Tanks projects, both in steel and in aluminium and other materials and a combination of these. These tanks are manufactured under API regulations.

Our facilities are equipped with Evaporation Control Systems, Leak Detection Systems, Fire Protection and Environmental Protection Solutions.

We also do Pipeline Projects, Pumping Stations, Oil Pipelines and Polyducts, Hydrocarbon Loading Terminals, both construction and maintenance & repair.

We pride ourselves on being considered a trusted source in the supply of storage technology. With a highly trained human team and state-of-the-art resources, we design, manufacture, install and maintain storage and transportation systems for the world oil and petrochemical industry.

A full team of experts can help you analyse and solve your storage problems in line with current safety and environmental regulations.

The Company maintains the activity of manufacturing, distribution, and commercialization of chemical products for water treatment, for the metallurgical industry and for the petrochemical and refining industry. It started its activity as a distributor and marketer of chemical products, additives, catalysts, absorbents, adjuvants, rare earths, and others. The experience and knowledge acquired in this first stage made it possible later to become a manufacturer of many of these products.

In the Metallurgy and Petrochemical Industry Sector, we offer high quality products for the sector, highlighting products for the manufacture of lubricants.