General hospitals projects, of different levels, for health care in large urban centres and health centres and primary care projects.

Campaign care centres for mobile care, to carry out preventive campaigns in rural areas and for immediate intervention in natural disasters. Health Centres for smaller communities or peripheral neighbourhoods.

Design and equipment of mobile unit projects, assemble on 4 × 4 vehicles for assistance in rural areas or mounted on barges to provide assistance to populations located on the banks of rivers and lakes. These units can be for reconnaissance, primary assistance, surgical, health prevention campaigns, vaccination, dentistry, etc.

Indeed, these services are assembled on 4 × 4 vehicles that are accompanied by an ambulance vehicle and another vehicle which transports the health staffs and on which sufficient equipment and instruments are installed to carry out tasks of:

  • General Medicine Consultation.
  • Consultations of Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, etc.
  • Nutrition Education Consultation.
  • Nursing, Basic Sanitation and Prevention Consultation.
  • X-ray room.
  • Laboratory.
  • Warehouse and delivery of Medicines, Clinical and Sanitary Material.
  • Surgery rooms for minor surgery.

Sanitary transport projects, ambulances, conventional and 4 x 4. Vehicles equipped for ICU and river ambulances.